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Liz's new CD  "Have Some Madeira M'Dear" is now available.

CD cover

1. Have Some Madeira M'Dear  2. Voi Che Sapete  3. Send In The Clowns  4. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise  5. I Hate Men  6. Someone To Watch Over Me  7. Joyce The Librarian  8. The Kerry Dance  9. Habanera  10. The Laughing Song  11. The Impossible Dream  12. Loves Old Sweet Song  13. Bless This House  14. Goodbye  15. You Made Me Love You  16. Everytime We Say Goodbye

You can buy Liz's CD (16 including postage) by requesting it via the "Contact Liz" form here, by phoning (+353 1) 2982219 or via PayPal or credit card by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below

You can download the album or individual tracks from itunes by clicking here.

The album or tracks can also be downloaded from the following panel....


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See Liz on youTube. This is a link to one of Liz's YouTube videos.

"Keeping it in the family"...This is a link to Liz's brother's "Myspace" site. It's a different style of music but it's original and it's worth hearing.

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